Monday, February 28, 2011

Realistic kegging needs for 50 gallons of beer

I will need 10 kegs total.

I own four right now, and I think I will order an additional four for $160. I plan on borrowing the other 2.

Now, I will only have a 3 tap kegerator (more to come on that, it's only a one tap today)

So I only need liquid hookups for 3 kegs, but for carbonating, I will need to find a way to pressurize all 10!

Ordering about 6 barbed disconnects for $7 each. Going barbed for this, I am going MFL when I build a keezer (after the wedding)

Now, I only have a single regulator now and a 3 way valve, that will have to suffice. I may step up and get this additional 4 way distributor.

CO2 tank -> 3 way valve -> five of these tee's = ten kegs charging.

Of course, I will also need to get some additional tubing to run all of this, and some small worm clamps.
Most of the CO2 charging will occur at room temperature, as I don't have cold capacity for 10 kegs and the CO2 tank anywhere.

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