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Monday, April 18, 2011

Not brewing related... the toast beer is here!

Whew!   With 12 days to go - I got this in the mail today!


To put it in perspective - those are 5000ml and 2000ml beakers behind it.  This will be the wedding toast beer - it's not available anywhere near Texas.  Especially not in a 3L format.  Either way, the wedding party has no idea how lucky they are that the bride and groom have insane beer tastes. 

Getting excited now!  Almost everything planning wise is done.

Remaining work (short list)
  1. Clean and box all the pints
  2. Label and wax top the Porter - I decided I would gift these and keep a growler for our 1 year anniversary.
  3. Clean fridges and kegerator to a presentable shine
  4. Complete kegerator gas sides - simple once I take apart my charging snake!
Phew.  Wish us luck!

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